Our Dream

My brother and I grew up with a love and appreciation for the outdoors.  As we got older and had children of our own, we passed those feelings on to the next generation.  One evening as we sat around the fire pit in my backyard, we began discussing my job as the Marketing Director for an outfitter in South Africa and all of the amazing people I was meeting while helping them realize their own hunting dreams.  The groundwork was laid that night by the glow of the embers to build a hub and network for folks just like us to come and experience quality hunts not just for themselves, but also their next generation.

Sharing South Africa with Luke's daughter, Shayleigh.
Sharing South Africa with Luke's daughter, Shayleigh.
Luke and Jason serving meat from their safari
Luke and Jason serving meat from their safari

And so it begins...

After working solely with South Africa for seven years, my network had grown considerably.  Many of these people would ask me who they should hunt with in any corner of the world.  Gerhart Outdoors was born simply for this purpose - to help anyone wanting to venture out and see the world through a rifle scope, a yardage pin, binoculars, or a camera lens.  Blue and White collars alike, we have a hunt for you that will be both exciting and memorable!

Welcome to our Family

I would like to welcome you once again to our family legacy.  Please ask me any questions you may have about any of my destinations.  For me, the only thing better than being out in the field is helping others get out themselves.  I look forward to chatting with you and helping plan your next big adventure.

The Man Behind the Mission

Don't let the beard and tattoos fool you.  I put my pants on the same way as everyone else does in the morning and enjoy life through the help and society of others.  I've been described as an outdoor-loving goofball and I believe the next best thing to hunting is enjoying the outdoors through the stories of others.  Give me a call and tell me your favorite hunting story!


Message Luke Directly

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