Welcome to Gerhart Outdoors!

Everyone has a passion in life - something that drives them ever forward.  Mine is sharing the outdoors with people by helping them to see and experience things they otherwise thought was out of reach.

I have hunted across the United States and the world, fished oceans, lakes, rivers, and seas, and have sent hundreds of people on bucket list adventures.  It occurred to me though, that by creating this website would allow me to help many more people achieve their outdoor goals, so I decided to take the leap in June of 2018 and open up Gerhart Outdoors.

I'm not a travel agent, nor am I a hunt broker.  I'm a friend in the industry who has no issues asking outfitters the hard questions so you don't have to.  I'm here to find people and places for you to venture off to with confidence.  I was raised on a handshake in a time when a man's word was all that mattered.  I carry that same level of principle and integrity in my day to day business.  Here at Gerhart Outdoors, you will only be introduced to the finest outfitters the world over in your pursuit of adventure and memories.