Not only does this outfitter allow us to send him clients, but he also runs a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting Officers involved in recent critical incidents offering no-cost fishing and hunting trips during a time decompression is needed.

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California River Fishing's Finest

Have you always wanted to pick up a fly rod and hammer some trout, but didn't know where to start?  Have you dreamed of fighting a massive salmon and bring it into the boat?  With Gerhart Outdoors, you now have these chances!  Don't let another year slip by without checking these adventures off of your bucket list!  Jason Thatcher is an expert guide and knows these waters as good or better as any person alive.  Let him guide you and show you the hidden gems that lie downriver in Northern California.


Gerhart Outdoors Exclusives

Float Trip Flyfishing & Private Charter Salmon Fishing

Float Trip Flyfishing for Two.  Zero Experience Required!!!


Includes for Two People

One full day Catch & Release Trout & Steelhead fishing with professional Instruction

Lunch and Drinking Water

Bait & Tackle

Mobility Impaired Accessible boat available

Licensed Professional Guide

Fishing dates are 01 November through 31 July

Photos at end of the trip



California Fishing License

Steelhead Report Card

Meals & Lodging before and after the date of the trip

Snacks and beverages besides water for the trip

Gratuity to Professional Staff




Private Charter Salmon Fishing for up to Six


Includes for up to Six People:

One full day Private Charter from a jet boat for up to six

Bait & Tackle

Processing and bagging of the Salmon

Licensed Professional Guide

Photos at end of the trip

Fishing Dates are 01 August through 31 October




California Fishing License

Meals & Lodging before and after the date of the trip

Snacks and beverages and lunch for your day on the water

Gratuity to Professional Staff


Trips are conducted within a 30 minute drive of Red Bluff, California.  Local airports are Redding (30 minute drive) and Sacramento International (1.75 hour drive). 

Airport transportation not included.


Mid to Late Season Salmon charters will take place using private river access behind locked gates.




Your trip is valid for one year from date of purchase.

Trips are non-transferable without express written permission from both the outfitter and Gerhart Outdoors.


Critical incidents are stressful. When they are over, they aren’t over..... In the aftermath, there are a wide range of emotions Officers go through. Anxiety? Ya. Hypervigilance and tension? Absolutely. Stress and more stress? Yup, plenty of that! Not to mention the fact that after many incidents Officers and their actions/ decisions are under the scrutiny of a microscope by the public, peers, administrators, media, and the justice system. The period after a critical-incident is a trying time for an Officer and we recognize that critical incidents come in many forms, not just Officer involved shootings.

Something that has helped in the aftermath of critical incidents in my own career, were friends who went out of their way to get me out on the water. Fishing, boating.....just getting outside. It truly can have a healing power. Unfortunately, it took me quite a while to realize what a positive effect that outreach had, and that there was a need that can be met.

In coming to that realization, I have recognized I’m in a unique position to have an opportunity to give back and do something to help my brothers and sisters in L.E. This is why, in association with my guiding business, and partner guides/outfitters/volunteers, we are able to offer no-cost guided fishing, hunting, and outdoor trips for Officers who are involved in recent critical incidents.

The mission of Blue Line Outdoors is to provide an environment to decompress, connect with friends/ family/ co-workers, and relax in the outdoors at no cost to the Officer or guest.

This is for the front line. This is for the guys and gals pulling shifts in the trenches. This is for the warriors, the proud patrol-trolls and investigators out there doing the dirty work, getting things done and making the tough decisions and sacrifices.

For the Officers we host, this is 100% anonymous (no names) and is primarily offered on a referral basis. It is free. No strings, just getting outdoors. If there is a family member, or beat-partner, who would benefit from joining in an outing, we make it happen. Where there is a need, we truly want to be able to help with the resources available at our disposal. And lastly, for any immediate family or beat partners who lose an Officer in the line of duty, this same offer applies.


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