Preston Sharp, a true American Patriot!


On 23 June, 2018 I was honored to be in the same room as this young man.  Like most, I had heard his name when he won the hearts of Americans everywhere as the Patriot who took it upon himself to ensure that the final resting place of veterans had a flag and flower adorning it.  He has made this his mission, and I am so moved by his selflessness that I want to help him.

Preston Sharp has visited the White House and sat with our First Lady as the President of the United States gave his State of the Union Address.  He's gathered the attention of many across this great nation with his mission to eventually ensure that every veteran resting in their home soil will be honored with a flag.  Preston even goes so far as to clean the gravestones should they need it.  He is a true Patriot and a model to us all.

Below you will find a link to donate directly to his cause along with buttons to send you to his social media accounts and website. I urge you to consider skipping that cup of coffee for one day and help this young man with a small donation.  Beneath the button you will find a biography written about Preston and also the speech he gave personally at the Field of Dreams fundraiser where I was fortunate enough to meet this young hero.

Along with taking the time to address the room of over 500 people, Preston individually shook the hands of each and every veteran in the room and presented them with a custom military challenge coin he himself designed.  Many men and women were moved to tears by this young man.  I urge all of you to consider what he's done at age 12, and with our help, what more he can do for this great nation we call home.


Preston's Biography (from 23 June 2018 Field of Dreams Banquet in Yuba City, California)

Preston Sharp is a 12 year old young man from Redding, California.  On Veteran's Day 2015 he asked his mom to take him to cemetery to visit his grandfather's grave site.  Preston's grandfather's grave along with all of the other Veteran's graves were bare, no American Flags were displayed, nor any red carnations as Preston had envisioned.  Preston was stunned and very disappointed by what he saw.  He was determined to do something, something to show our Veterans that they were not forgotten, and that their service was important.  Since that day Preston has been on a mission that has carried him all over the north state, in the news, on public television.  This mission caught the attention of the Veterans Administration, and then the attention of the President of the United States.  Preston and his mom were the special guests of the President and the First Lady at the State of the Union address earlier this year (2018).  Most importantly this mission has spread across this Great Country and has allowed Preston to place over 70,000 American Flags and red carnations on Veteran graves in fifteen states so far.  His mission as of now is to Honor Veterans in at least 1 cemetery in all 50 states.


Preston's Speech from 23 June 2018

Hello and Thank you everyone for being here.  My name is Preston Sharp.  I am 12 years old and I live in Redding, California.  My Grandfather served in the Navy.  On Veteran's Day of 2015 I asked my mom to take me to the cemetery so that I could visit my grandfather's grave site.  When we got to the cemetery I was very upset to see that there were no American Flags or flowers on any of the Veteran's graves.  The graves were not taken care of.  I continued to be mad and upset after we got home and finally my mom told me that when something like this bothered me I had to either forget about it or do something positive about it.

I started doing chores to earn money and did odd jobs to earn extra money.  With the money that I earned I bought American flags and red carnations.  Every Sunday my mom took me to the cemetery to work on the graves.  We went even when it rained or was very hot.  The Veterans that I was honoring didn't get to worry about the weather so why should I.  We trimmed the grass, washed the headstones, and then placed an American flag and a red carnation on each grave.  After placing the flag and flower I would stand up, say the Veteran's name out loud, and thank them for their service.  By doing this I assured the Veteran's spirit that they will never be forgotten and that we thank them for their service.

We started a Facebook page and each Sunday people from the area would come to help.  When we finished one cemetery we would go to another.  The word of what I was doing spread.

The local cemeteries had been completed and I needed a new goal.  I wanted to Honor every Veteran buried in cemeteries along the Interstate 5 corridor.  I earned more money and people started to donate money so that I could complete my mission.  We placed flags and flowers on every Veteran grave site along the 160 mile route between Redding and Sacramento.

Since finishing the I-5 corridor I have set my sights on a larger scale.  I am working on placing an American flag and a red carnation on every Veteran grave in at least one cemetery in every state in America.  I just returned from a trip that took me to Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and North Carolina.  Since starting this mission I have placed 70,000+ flags and flowers in fifteen states of this Great Nation.

I have promised the Veterans of this Nation that I will continue to Honor them until I cannot bend over to place a flag and flower.  Without these brave men and women, we as Americans would not have the freedoms that they have provided.

God Bless America!!! Thank you again.