Hooked on Panama

The only place in the world where you can catch Blue, Black, and Striped Marlin as well as Sailfish.  A Fisherman's dream trip brought to you by Gerhart Outdoors!

Gator Gar Fishing

Hit the waters with one of the outfits that has been featured on River Monsters in pursuit of the monstrous Alligator Gar!  What a Rush from start to finish!



Fish the Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean for Trevally, Marlin, King Mackerel, and many other species of sport fish!


Florida (Miami)

Venture off with Captain Bryan on a deep sea fishing adventure, a night club tour by boat, or head towards the Bahamas for some intense lip-ripping fun.


Northern California

Want to catch that big King Salmon or Sturgeon?

Or would you rather hunt Canadian,

Snow, and Specklebellys?

We have it all right here.